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Top 5 Tips for Cooking Large Meals on a Vacation

Are you vacationing with a large group or family? Does the thought of cooking for that crowd have you feeling stressed? No matter if you’re traveling for a holiday, family reunion, or simply a yearly getaway, Brittain Resorts and Hotels has everything you need to create an unforgettable vacation in and out of the kitchen. Here are our top 5 tips on planning and prepping that will have you cooking large meals on vacation like a top chef.

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Tip #1: Book in a Resort with a Kitchen

When it comes to finding accommodations that not only will fit all size groups, but have rooms available with full kitchens, look no further than the oceanfront resorts of Brittain Resorts and Hotels. You’ll find the option of booking a condo in Breakers Resort, Caribbean Resort, and Grande Cayman. North Beach Resort & Villas not only has condos in its oceanfront towers but also features fully furnished cottages if you prefer to stay in the comforts of home. All of these condo accommodations come complete with a fully equipped kitchen at your fingertips. You’ll have everything you need to whip up and serve a feast with access to state of the art appliances, pots and pans, plenty of fine china, and silverware. While you’re in the kitchen, each resort has amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, lazy rivers, kiddie water parks, and games, that will keep the rest of the group busy. Plus, all of these resorts are conveniently located in close proximity to grocery stores so getting all your ingredients will be quick and easy. 


If you’re traveling in a group, chances are you can’t just prepare one dish that everyone can eat. In order to attempt to satisfy everyone’s palate, communicate with the group before you leave on vacation. Send out an email or group text asking for specific food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences. If you really want to try to please the group, you can have people vote on meals and ask for suggestions. By having all this information ahead of time, it will save you from scrambling to prepare a dish you were unprepared to make as everyone sits down to eat together.


Once you know dietary needs, you can start the planning process. You’ll want to figure out how many times you’ll be cooking and what time of day those meals will take place. Once you know those two things, you can begin pulling together recipes with large serving sizes and are easy to make big quantities of, like pasta. As you’re selecting recipes and making your list of ingredients, check to see if you have any of the spices or seasonings at home to save money. Go ahead and make a grocery list so you can take care of shopping right when you arrive and can get to relaxing sooner. If you’re driving to Myrtle Beach for the vacation, try to stock up on a few dry goods in bulk before you leave to help save some time. There’s a lot of planning that goes into a vacation for a large group, and knocking out the meal planning early will give you more peace of mind as you’re picking out excursions.


No one is expecting you to make a three-course meal every time you cook on vacation. No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen away from all the fun in the sun. The key is to keep it simple. Avoid elaborate dishes with too many steps or ingredients. Stick to one main dish and a few easy sides to compliment it. For example, spaghetti is always a good go-to for large groups and a mashed potato bar is an easy way for people to customize their serving to their taste.  Planning to prepare dishes that are easy to reheat for leftovers for lunch make busy vacation days easier. 


Try to get ahead by prepping. It’s easier to warm up side dishes and focus on the main dish than running around the kitchen making everything at one time. Just because you’re cooking for a large group, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re making Thanksgiving dinner every time you cook. When you’re staying in a condo at one of our oceanfront resorts you’ll have access to plenty of pots and pans. The morning, while everyone is slowly waking up, is often the best time to start baking a few side dishes or prepping salads without dressing. This will save you from feeling overwhelmed when it comes time for dinner. You’ll simply have to cook your main dish and reheat a few items and voila—dinnertime. Plus, the more you prep, the more time there is for cocktails by the pool and splashing in the ocean!

Now that you’ve read through our tips, it’s time to book your accommodation and start planning your meals. Check out our resorts page to explore more and see our current deals on condos. Don’t forget your favorite apron and we’ll take care of the rest!