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Top 5 Best Spots to Film a TikTok Video in Myrtle Beach

Run out of spots to film social videos in your town? Tired of the same boring backdrops around the house? It’s time to get creative and make your next getaway to Myrtle Beach even more memorable by taking the opportunity to capture some fresh content for your TikTok account. Whether you’re filming the latest viral dance moves or creating your own videos, there are plenty of places around the Grand Strand that are perfect TikTok spots. Here is a list of our top five:

1. Selfie WRLD Myrtle Beach

Bright playground swings in a paint-splattered space. A vibrant red phonebooth. A table booth straight out of the hit 90’s show, Saved By the Bell. What do all of these spots have in common? They’re part of an immersive photo experience known as the most Instagrammable place in the southeast. Located in Coastal Grande Mall, these interactive art installations are just waiting for you and your friends to unleash your creativity and create videos as unique as the space. Get some inspo from their site!

2. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

The dazzling Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is an observation wheel that towers almost 200 feet in the air above the ground. Not only does riding in one of the glass gondolas give you epic views of the coastline, but the perfect opportunity to film videos with fantastic views. Day or night, this iconic ride is a nice backdrop for TikTok content around the Grand Strand.   

3. WonderWorks

The upside-down house in the heart of Myrtle Beach is known to turn heads. Which is why it’s the perfect spot for filming videos that are sure to make people pause from scrolling and watch. But outside is only the beginning. Step inside and unleash your imagination with all the interactive stations, from laying on a bed of nails to creating a life-size bubble. There are plenty of spots in here to use in your next video.

4. Tin Roof

Known for its delicious cuisine, nightly entertainment, and oceanfront views, Tin Roof is the place to go for fresh TikTok content. The sparkling Atlantic Ocean and skyline make for a beautiful backdrop to film and there’s always a live band playing if you need some music for capturing the next dance moves to go viral. After you’re done collecting footage, fuel up with a plate of Nashville Hot Chicken and an ice-cold cocktail.

5. Second Avenue Pier

Not only is the pier the perfect place to catch a fish, but also a great spot to catch new content. Between the location (yep, you’re right over the Atlantic Ocean), the vintage look of the boards, and the backdrop of the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel and boardwalk, there is ample room for creativity on the Second Avenue Pier.

Now that you know all the best spots to grab some TikTok footage, it’s time to charge up your phone and bring your best content ideas to Myrtle Beach. If you’re ready to get creative and book your next getaway, check out our accommodations page for the latest deals and current specials. Time to take note of the best angles and 3…2…1…record.