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Top 10 Beach Hacks for Moms Traveling to Myrtle Beach

Traveling to Myrtle Beach with your kids for vacation is always a great idea if you’re searching for a family-friendly place to make memories. Brittain Resorts & Hotels features a variety of kid-friendly resorts that offer indoor pools, outdoor pools, water slides, lazy rivers, kiddie pools, and more. As a mom, you want to make sure you find the best hotel, pack all the right snacks, and beach toys to ensure a fun-filled day by the ocean. To help simplify the planning process, we’ve put together a list of top beach hacks to make your next beach day a breeze:

10. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

After a long day in the sun, no matter how often you reapply sunscreen, chances are your skin may be a little pink. Before you head to the beach, squeeze aloe vera into an ice cube tray and you’ll be ready when you return with something cooling and soothing for your skin.

9. Bring A Wagon

If you’re traveling to the beach with kids, you’re bringing along quite a few items to keep them busy, from boogie boards to beach toys. The easiest way to get everything to the perfect spot on the sand is by loading it all into a wagon. This avoids a million trips back and forth from your vehicle or room. Insider tip: The ones with the all-terrain wheels are the best for rolling through soft sand.

8. Invest in an Umbrella

Shade is a must on the beach. Unfortunately, tailgating-size tents aren’t allowed on the beach Myrtle Beach, but you can come prepared with a beach umbrella. These are easy to set up and perfect to set up your chairs and beach towels under when you need a break from the sun’s rays. And if you have small children, feel free to bring along a toddler tent if you need more space with shade for them to play or nap under. 

7. Keep Sunscreen in the Cooler

The key to avoiding the dreadful sunburn is to continue to reapply sunscreen while in the sun. What feels great on a hot day is something cool on your skin, so keep your sunscreen in the cooler for a refreshing cooldown when you go to reapply.

6. Freeze Water Bottles for Ice Packs

Instead of taking up the entire cooler with ice, freeze water bottles and use those for ice packs. It will keep everything cold, and you’ll have more room for drinks.

5. Bring A Ziploc Bag for your Phone

You don’t have to invest in anything fancy to keep your phone dry. Zip it up in a Ziploc bag and you’ll keep it safe from sunscreen, sand, and saltwater. Plus, you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen through the bag without having to pull it out every time you wish to use it.

4. Pack Pouch Drinks

If your kids crave juice drinks on the beach, it’s best to pack the ones in the pouch. The juice drinks in the cardboard boxes will disintegrate in your cooler and leave you with a mess. Another fun tip: for fruit juice slushies, freeze the pouch drinks and your kids can enjoy an ice-cold treat on the beach.

3. Individual Snacks

Although it’s tempting to pack family-size bags of chips or popcorn to bring for when everyone gets hungry, the smartest way to pack snacks is in individual bags or purchase snacks in individual packages. This not only avoids any arguments over sharing food but most importantly, limits the chances of sandy hands slipping into a bag and leaving you with crunchy, gritty snacks.

2. Baby Powder for Sandy Feet

If there is one thing about the beach that frustrates people, it’s that sand is known to get everywhere. It’s almost unavoidable. In order to limit the amount of sand getting tracked into your room after the beach, try baby powder. Simply sprinkle the baby powder on the sandy area and the grains of sand will dry out and fall off.

1. Fitted Sheet for a Sand-free Zone

Hoping to sit on a towel without sand all over it? Try creating a sand-free zone using a fitted sheet. Put heavy items, such as beach bags and the cooler in the different corners and pull up the sides of the sheet to fit around them. Leave one corner for a sand bucket filled with water, and this can be used to rinse off feet before stepping into the area and to rinse hands before a snack. Now everyone can enjoy a little oasis to soak up the sun, take a nap or snack without sand getting everywhere.  

Ready for your Myrtle Beach Vacation Now?

Now that you have these tips and tricks, it’s time to grab the kids and get down to Myrtle Beach for an unforgettable week of fun in the sun. Check out our resorts page for all the current information on deals and pricing.