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Want the Best 2023 Vacations? Start Planning Now

Calendar watching has already begun.

As we count down toward sunnier times, it’s time to plan your Myrtle Beach vacation. As you shovel snow, dream of shoveling sand for a sandcastle. Imagine your snow boots are flip-flops.

Make plans for more than one trip to the Grand Strand in 2023.

Fun Facts About Traveling

To the lake, the mountains, or the coast, it’s fun to plan your next travel adventure. Check out these fun bits of trivia about travel.

  • Mention travel in your dating profile. If you’re a traveler, say it. Eighty percent of those polled said they’re more attractive to people who do.
  • Chile’s record-setting pool. It’s at The San Alfonso del Mar Resort. It holds 66 million gallons. That’s 5,000 standard pools combined!

  • 23 million people travel by train in India daily. That’s about the total population of Australia.

Fact: Early Vacation Planning Can Have Its Advantages

A little legwork now can have a profound impact on your trip. Here’s how.

1. You Can Get Better Opportunities

It’s easier to get certain features in your flight, such as preferred seating, if you book early. Fewer people have booked in advance for accommodations, so you’ll have more choices. You’ll have greater flexibility to get what you want.

TRY THIS: Timing is everything. The best rates for flights are usually four months to three weeks before your departure date.

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2. It’s Easier to Choose Desired Activities

It brings to light more possibilities. Your family can consider what they want to do when they get to Myrtle Beach. See a Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball or Coastal Carolina football game? Attend a festival or concert? 

TRY THIS: Estimate your budget now to zero in on expectations. Advanced planning allows you more time to save and consider cost-cutting measures.

3. It Might Save You Money

Booking early could earn you free passes to attractions and accommodations. If you can pay for excursions now, it might also help you preserve some of your getaway budget. Take this time to research discounts on dining, too.

TRY THIS: Consider renting out your place. It can offset travel costs or even result in a profit. List your place on Airbnb or VRBO and go.

4. It’s Better Than Last-Minute Planning

Advantages are likely to be small if you book in the 11th hour. You might get as much as 13% lower room rate going this route — but you also might end up without a room. Events, weather and other factors could affect vacancy.

TRY THIS: Take some time to get to know the location of your destination. What restaurants are around? How close are you to the beach and dining?

5. Get Up Early to Early Plan

Up at 5 a.m.? Metasearch engine and travel agency Skyscanner says that’s the best time of day to book your travel. Flight prices tend to be lower on Sunday, too. Who knew?

TRY THIS: Search for flights first, then choose your travel dates. It’s amazing how much you can save by taking the flight a day or two earlier or later.


The Practical Choice When You Plan: MB Resorts

Ready to bask in the sunshine in Myrtle Beach? Make MBResorts your home base for vacation fun. Off-season and peak season, we can deliver the kind of stay you’ll want to book again and again.

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