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Sushi Roll At Myrtle Beach,SC Restaurant

Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Do you love fresh sushi? The famous Japanese dish has become a favorite for many around the country, including Myrtle Beach. Locals and visitors alike venture out to one of the many Myrtle Beach restaurants to find some delicious creations. Whether you are looking for a maki roll or a nigiri roll, there is something for all sushi fans. Here are the top five sushi restaurants in Myrtle Beach:


King Kong Sushi

King Kong Sushi is one of the trendiest restaurants in Myrtle Beach with two locations to check out. The original location is in Carolina Forest, and the second opened at Broadway at the Beach. Both locations serve the same delicious food and attract the best crowds. King Kong Sushi is open for lunch and dinner with a great happy hour selection. The specialty rolls are a favorite by everyone including the Tuna Mania, a 12-piece roll wrapped in tuna tataki and topped with Japanese mayo. Another famous role in King Kong is No Name. It includes fried shrimp topped with crab and tuna, spicy mayo, avocado, and eel sauce. Yum!



Soho sets itself apart from other restaurants in the area with its swanky décor, lighting, music, and awesome vibe. The cozy lounge gives you the feeling of being in a big city. You can grab lunch, dinner, or a late-night meal at the Soho restaurant. Whether you are coming for sushi or another delicious meal, the menu is loaded with tasty treats. The sushi menu offers nigiri, 5-piece rolls, sashimi, 8-piece specialty rolls, 6-piece fish rolls, and more. It’s impossible not to find something you will love with the large menu and variety of options.



There are two excellent Miyabi locations along the Grand Strand; one on the north end of Restaurant Row and one on the south end of Murrells Inlet. Both provide great taste and exceptional service. The restaurant is known for its hibachi grill. However guests can come and enjoy sushi in the dining room or, you can treat yourself to both. You can find a variety of specialty rolls on the menu plus your traditional items including spicy tuna, California, and a spider roll. We recommend trying the Myrtle Beach roll; it’s a favorite by many locals.


Art Burger – Sushi Bar

Art is new to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and has become a favorite to many. It may sound like an odd combination to have burgers and sushi in the same place, but it’s delicious. The oceanfront restaurant has many sushi rolls to choose from including some that are unique, like the chicken mac and cheese roll. Other famous roles include the beach roll, whistler’s mother, and American Gothic. Each roll is one-of-a-kind and something new to try. Be sure to save room for dessert! The menu has many yummy treats including ice cream with liquor.


CO Sushi

CO-Sushi originated in downtown Charleston and a second location was recently opened in Myrtle Beach. You can find the sushi restaurant at The Market Common, located beside the movie theater. It’s a great location to grab a bite to eat and then head on in to see the latest flick. CO is famous for its fresh raw fish and offering items like duck and pork belly. There are four categories on the menu including pressed sushi, nigiri or sashimi, maki or temaki, and specialty rolls. You can find your traditional rolls like the Philadelphia, Rainbow, and California, or you can mix it up with a specialty roll. Our favorite specialty roll is the Tataki, which includes seared white tuna, roasted beef, ginger root, avocado, and more. Myrtle Beach has a variety of sushi restaurants – which is your favorite?