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Top 5 Indoor Activities for Kids in Myrtle Beach

If you and your family need a break from fun in the sun, there are plenty of other forms of entertainment indoors to keep the entire family amused while vacationing in Myrtle Beach.


1. Rockin’ Jump The Ultimate Trampoline Park

If you’re looking for a place where your kids can literally bounce off the walls, look no further than Rockin’ Jump. This place is wall-to-wall trampolines! Ninja Challenge Course – This course takes precision, balance, and lots of coordination, as your kids have to master the trapeze to the cargo net and then make it to the tube swing. But it doesn’t end there – they then have to continue through the swinging rings, hanging discs, padded logs, and finally the unbalanced bridge. They’ll have fun competing to see who can make it through the fastest without losing his/her balance and falling into the foam pit below. Stunt Bag – Have your kids ever wondered what it’s like to do those stunt tricks in an action movie? Well, the stunt bag gives your kids that sensation as they can kick-flip and twist and jump their way onto an air-filled stunt bag. Vertical Ops – Your kids can challenge themselves to the Vertical Ops Climbing Wall, racing and climbing their way to the top. The first one to ring the buzzer at the top wins! Slam Dunk Zone – This area gives your kids the “ups” to slam dunk like an NBA pro. X-Beam – Two kids can choose padded lances and battle them out on the beam while trying to maintain their balance. The first one to knock their opponent off the beam into the foam pit wins and is named the X-Beam Champion. Dodgeball Arena – This area brings dodgeball to another level as balls are flying and bouncing and your kids are jumping and dodging. Open Jump Arena – If your kids are looking to simply jump around and have a good time doing flips and bouncing off the walls made of trampolines.


2. Backstage Escape Games

If you’re looking for an exciting new attraction that will challenge the whole family, head over to Broadway at the Beach and try out Backstage Escape Games. The Escape Games are set up to test your ability to work together as a team to solve puzzles and decipher codes. There are rooms with different themes to them, making the experience an alternate reality with sound effects, props, lighting, and more. The twist? You have to work together to complete the mission in 60 minutes!


3. 710 Bowling Alley

There’s a bowling alley located in North Myrtle Beach that has a whole lot more entertainment than just bowling. They have 14 standard lanes and 6 VIP lanes that have LED lighting. There is a full bar complete with craft cocktails and various draft beers and a menu with a unique twist on pub food that includes small plates, burgers, flatbread pizzas, and more. They have tons of games to entertain everyone including indoor bocce, darts, ping pong, cornhole, table shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, skee ball, and arcade-style basketball, and they even have a whole wall full of classic board games. So if you’re looking for a place full of entertainment for the entire family, make sure to check out 710 Bowling Alley.


4. WonderWorks

If you’re driving down the road in Myrtle Beach past Broadway at the Beach, you may notice a house that’s flipped upside down. No, this building didn’t get toppled during a hurricane but is actually a house filled with entertainment. Known as the “amusement park for the mind” there’s tons of educational entertainment, where your kids will be having so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning along the way. There are six Wonder Zones to explore including Natural Disasters – Your child can become a human lightning rod as he/she explores the Tesla Coils that create electrical fields. If they step into the Hurricane Shack tell them to hold on tight – they can experience winds of up to 84 miles per hour! They will be able to explore Google Earth and more. Physical Challenge – Whether they’re creating a giant image of their body on the gigantic pin wall, lying on a bed of nails, creating gigantic bubbles, or playing virtual sports, there are tons of areas of interaction. There are even Xtreme 360 bikes where if they peddle fast enough they can generate enough speed to complete a 360-degree revolution. Light & Sound – When your children step into this area, their movements are mirrored and multiplied into vibrant colors, they can strike a pose with a shadow, or tickle the ivories with their feet on the giant floor piano. Space Discovery – From landing a shuttle to wearing a spacesuit to taking a ride in the virtual Wonder Coaster, this area lets your kids explore all the exciting realms of Outer Space. Imagination Lab – This area is geared more towards younger children, as they are able to create fun works of art with the giant version of Lite-Brite, stomp aliens, and play with matchmaking and puzzle games. Far Out Art Gallery – Things are not always as they appear as you and your kids wander through the art gallery of riddles and illusions. Indoor Ropes Challenge – There’s no need to go into the treetops for this 3 story, an indoor glow-in-the-dark ropes course challenge! Your kids will have a blast climbing and swinging their way through this attraction. 6D Extreme Motion Ride – This indoor theater combines 3D with special effects and motion-censored seats, transporting you and your kids into an action-packed adventure for an unforgettable ride. Laser Tag Arena – This battle of Laser Tag is action-packed and competitive as players battle it out in a black-lit maze. Soar & Explore – This includes an outdoor ropes course and a zipline that takes you and your kids flying 50 feet above the water.


5. Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

Experience a day underwater without even having to get wet! Ripley’s Aquarium located at Broadway at the Beach is home to all types of aquatic life with numerous exhibits to see and explore. The various exhibits include Discovery Center, Ray Bay, Living Gallery, Dangerous Reef, and Rainbow Rock. Ripley’s also has interactive live shows such as the Rainbow Rock Dive, Jellyfish Feeding, and Sea Dragon Feeding. And they even have Mermaids! You and your family will be in awe as you watch the Mermaids gracefully glide and flip underwater. You can also watch a dive show as a scuba diver feeds the animals in Rainbow Rock. And if your children want to get up and personal with the aquatic life, make sure to stop by the Discovery Center where they can actually touch a starfish or horseshoe crab and even pet a slippery ray! There’s a moving path you’ll definitely want to take that guides you through one of the most exciting exhibits – the Dangerous Reef. This path takes you and your family through a winding glass tunnel where you all will get amazing views of colorful fish, sawfish, their giant green sea turtle, giant stingrays, and even sharks! And new for this season Ripley’s has come up with a whole new way for you and your children to experience the Dangerous Reef – by boat! They have introduced the Glass Bottom Boat Adventure which takes you all around the exhibit on a boat with a glass floor so you can see over 8,500 aquatic life. Your tour guide will tell you all about these creatures and their home. And be on the lookout because sometimes their resident sea turtle Gabby will glide gracefully right underneath your feet. This is definitely an unforgettable experience! Make plans to see one of these exciting attractions while vacationing along the Grand Strand with Brittain Resorts and Hotels.