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Top 5 Healthy Ways to Kick off the New Year in Myrtle Beach

The New Year is all about a fresh start, new beginnings, and resolutions. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to postpone your new year’s resolutions. In fact – there are plenty of opportunities to kick-start those goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are the ‘Top 5 Healthy Ways’ to kick off your New Year in Myrtle Beach while vacationing with Brittain Resorts & Hotels:



If you’re like most people, becoming more active typically becomes a priority when the new year rolls around. When you’re staying with Brittain Resorts & Hotels on your vacation, some of our oceanfront resorts have onsite state-of-the-art fitness facilities. If you’re wanting to venture outside to exercise, Myrtle Beach experiences mild temperatures during the winter which makes going outdoors appealing. Go for a walk on the beach, try yoga on the beach, or venture along the wooden oceanfront Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. You can also check out the ‘Golden Mile’ – an oceanfront paved path that stretches from 31st Ave N to 52nd Ave N. There are workout stations scattered along the path in case you want to get your heart rate up even more with a few pull-ups or crunches. And for those who aren’t fitness fanatics – even shopping counts as exercise! You can burn some calories walking around The Market Common, Broadway at the Beach, and Barefoot Landing.


Eat Right

Another popular New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier. This can be tough while you’re on vacation because you don’t have the opportunity to cook for yourself and you’re more in the ‘treat yourself’ mindset. Myrtle Beach is full of award-winning restaurants that have healthy options. Sea Captain’s House is located oceanfront and serves fresh, local seafood. They offer broiled seafood options and fresh grilled fish caught right off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Another restaurant to check out is a speakeasy called Strong Waters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen located across the street from Breakers Resort. They serve up handcrafted cocktails and offer a variety of shared plates so you can cut down on some of your calories by splitting with your friends. For those looking for healthy local options, try Bay Naturals or Kind Belly. And don’t feel like you have to switch up your diet completely on vacation – even swapping a croissant for fresh fruit on the buffet is a way to start healthy habits.


Get Outside

Unlike the north which experiences freezing temperatures and snow during the winter, Myrtle Beach experiences mild temperatures that make it easier to get outside and explore during the winter months. While you’re vacationing, you can wander around the beautiful sculpture gardens at Brookgreen Gardens or go for a hike at Huntington Beach State Park. Myrtle Beach State Park has a nature scavenger hunt that is entertaining for the whole family. If you’re up for it, mix things up and rent a bike or hop on a Segway so you can sightsee around Myrtle Beach in a different way.


Try Something New

While you’re on vacation at the start of the new year, it is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! There are so many fun activities to try in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’ so why not take a golf lesson and play a few rounds on some of their award-winning courses? There are ample amounts of places to pick up a pole and give fishing a try. Try the pier or you can even give surf fishing a go! North Myrtle Beach is the birthplace of South Carolina’s state dance – the shag. Go ahead and take a free shag lesson so you can impress your friends at home!


Live in the Moment

It’s so easy to get caught up trying to take pictures and post to social media that you don’t take time to simply enjoy the moment. Vacations fly by so make sure you put your phone away and disconnect so you can live in the moment with your loved ones around you. Practicing being present is always a great resolution to have not only practice on vacation but every day. Whether it’s cozying up by the oceanfront fire pit at the Caribbean Resort or Compass Cove Resort or breathing in the fresh salt air on your oceanfront balcony, take a minute to relish in that particular moment. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t put off those New Year’s resolutions just because you’re on vacation! Kickstart your new year in a healthy way while you’re vacationing in Myrtle Beach with Brittain Resorts & Hotels!