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These Team Games Are a Fit for a Day on the Beach

Ready to gear up and play on the beach?

Luckily, the best beach games don’t require a ton of equipment. They’re simple games that let us get out and play while vacationing. Everything’s a touch more fun at the beach.

Here are a handful of games you could try next time your crew hits the coast.

Fun Facts About the Beach

There’s no limit to the knowledge you can gain by reading. Especially about the beach. Use some of these facts on teammates and opponents during breaks in your competition.

  • Hawaii gets credit for inventing surfing. Royalty on the islands was the first to hang 10 and get gnarly.
  • After water, sand is the biggest resource that’s traded by volume.
  • Environment, location, and source determine sand’s color. Tan sand, most prevalent in Myrtle Beach, comes from iron oxide and feldspar.

These Are the Greatest Beach Team Games on Earth

Don’t wait. Fall is the perfect time to get your game on while on the seashore. Here are some sports destined to create some memories and rivalries.

1. Football

No helmets are needed! Sand provides a good bit of resistance, so the faster among you will be neutralized. You’ll burn lots of calories, too. Tuck a T-shirt into the back of your shorts to make a flag, or play two-hand touch.

PRO TIP: Let the oldest player on the team call dibs on playing quarterback. Everyone wants to be the star; this person has earned it!

2. Bocce

At some insistence to play something more civilized than football, we present to you beach bocce. It’s easy to learn and casual. You won’t get all sweaty for that hot date at The Melting Pot.

PRO TIP: Find a large, clear spot. A bocce court is 27 by 13 feet. Draw lines in the sand and go for it. It’s a lot like horseshoes, but with balls.


3. Ladder toss

It’s different, so it’ll feel exotic. It’s simple, so it’ll feel fun. Place ladders from the game kit 15 feet apart before slinging the bolas. Get the top rung for three points, the middle one for two, and the bottom one for one point. 

PRO TIP: A little good-natured distraction while your opponents toss their bolas is acceptable. You know where the line is.

4. Tug of war

Reach back into the retro for this beach classic. Who has the brute strength to pull the other team over the line? You’ll need a rope, a flag to tie in the middle of it, and nothing more than lines drawn in the sand. Pull!

PRO TIP: Pick someone with experience and of medium height to be your front person. They’ll need to keep a strong grip and a low center of gravity.

5. Beach limbo

It’s a banner activity for beach fun. Grownups grew up with it, so young folk might have to be schooled. Yet they’ll likely be best at it! A pool noodle works best. Bring a Bluetooth speaker to add beach music. How low can you go?

PRO TIP: Make it a luau party while you’re at it. You’ll just need a bag of Leis and a nice array of snacks, if not a light dinner.

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Your fall beach retreat should be loaded with joy. Not just for the games you play, but the place where you stay. You’ll find Brittain Resorts all over the Grand Strand, in places where the fun never sets.

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