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Make It a Family Fun Day at These Myrtle Beach Attractions

Have you brought your family for a Grand Strand getaway?

There are attractions not to miss in Myrtle Beach. There are so many ways to make memories here — memories that your kids will carry on into adulthood. And that will spur them to want to bring their kids to the Grand Strand, too.

Here’s how to maximize your family fun at some popular spots.

Finding family fun in Myrtle Beach

Any summer with time spent on the Grand Strand is a banner summer. Here are ways to make it so for the whole family.

DinoLand Cafe

Who can help but let their gregarious side out when it comes to dinner with dinosaurs? You’ll fall in love with this place — for the dinos, the food, and the fun. The animatronic dinosaurs, flying dragon bar, and lava mountain are sure to captivate! Try the Tyranno Burger for a dino-sized appetite.


A place like this can get a little wild for kids. That’s understandable! Be sure your kids know what your expectations are going in. You’ll have a tough time reigning in yourself in a fun place like this.


Family Kingdom

Fathers, mothers, and kids will love this place (those 36 inches and taller!) Most rides are for kids, but there are classics and racing and lots more to occupy you. It’s a seaside amusement park with roller coasters, games, and other cool thrills.


Hit the most popular rides first, or those with the lowest rider capacity. Check out the website and decide which rides everyone wants to definitely try, and make a plan.


Myrtle Beach Paddle Board & Kayak Adventures

If a fun beach activity can generate interest in a new hobby, isn’t that awesome? If you’ve never kayaked, you and your kids can get lessons with this outfit. The instructors help you feel comfortable on the water and have a blast. Kayaks are available for many days or weeklong rental, too.


Stick to calmer waters, especially if the experience level is low. Know your kid’s abilities, and don’t push them too far. This should be a fun time, not stressful! And definitely don’t forget the snacks.


Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures

It’s one way to improve your child’s confidence and build a sense of adventure. Ziplining is easy to learn and thrilling, especially for young kids. You don’t need special skills, and guides are close by if you need them.


Empty your pockets, leave your caps at the resort, and wear shoes that won’t fly off as you fly. Have fun and enjoy the thrill.


Myrtle Waves

It’s a whole new dimension of fun here. Parents can even relax a little going down the lazy river! It’s clean and fun for everyone. Enjoy water and tube slides, plus the FlowRider, where you can ride actual waves. The kids will love Bubble Bay and Saturation Station, for sure.


Will you be here on a Friday? That’s Friday Fun Day, with reduced prices. If you’re planning many beach trips in a year, consider a season pass.


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