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How to Pack a Bag for Any Occasion in Myrtle Beach

If you go by the theory that one should always be prepared, this is the post for you. It’s about beach bags, and what should go in them. We’re talking about any occasion.

The seasoned and prepared traveler will have it in the bag.

Here are the top 10 lists for common occasions you might find yourself on the Grand Strand. It’s the little things that count. And not only because it’s hard to get big things in a beach bag.

What to Pack In the Family Bag

It seems the smaller the kids you have, the bigger the list of things to bring for them can be. Although you’re not going to fit a bouncy seat in a beach bag, there are other things to consider.

☑️ Sunscreen — broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30 or higher

☑️ Sun-proof outerwear — extended coverage, flip-up sun collars

☑️ Healthy snacks in containers — nuts and fruits, nut butter with apples

☑️ Footwear — beach shoes, flip flops, sandals

☑️ Lip balm — with humectants and emollients for moisturizing

☑️ Talc — it works wonders for removing sand, especially on kids

☑️ Insulated water bottles — reduce plastics, save money

☑️ Beach towels — absorbent, comfortable, not too thick 

☑️ First-aid kit — premade or homemade

☑️ Beach toys — simple and sturdy, bucket, shovel, block builders


What to Pack In a Couples’ Bag

Aw, you two are so cute. When it’s just you two, you’ll want to mix practical and romantic. Here’s how.

☑️ Sunglasses — lenses covered in several protective layers

☑️ Personalized towels — or at least ones you pick together at a beach shop

☑️ Sunscreen — keep in a plastic bag in case it leaks; help each other apply it

☑️ Walking sandals — for romantic beach strolls, hand in hand  

☑️ Beach coverups — choose a breathable fabric with easy care

☑️ Change of clothes — in case you get wet or want to get ice cream

☑️ Good reads — bring books you love for a little escape time

☑️ Aspirin — sun exposure can take a toll on your eyes and head

☑️ Lightweight beach chairs — no one wants to sit in the sand!


What to Pack In a Girlfriends Getaway Beach Bag

When it’s just the girls, some things are just more important. 

☑️ Sheet masks — a fun, inexpensive thing to share among you

☑️ Little black dress — or a sundress fit for day or night

☑️ Sunscreen — SPF 30 or higher; remember to apply often

☑️ Clutch — for those times you’re out in the LBD or sundress

☑️ Light sweater — keep warm on a chilly night and look fabulous

☑️ Comfy shoes — lightweight, yet sturdy enough for the boardwalk

☑️ Water bottle — A durable lid and a handle; stay hydrated

☑️ Snacks — your faves, and bring enough to share and swap


Pack your resort keys in your beach bag, too

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