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Chair and Umbrella Rental Options for a Myrtle Beach Trip

Imagine the ratio of chairs and umbrellas per visitor to Myrtle Beach.

Imagine that everyone hitting the beach had to buy and bring their own! There’d be no room left to comb the beach. You can rent these beach essentials on the shore, rather than buy them and haul them.

Here are the spots to see to get your rent on.

Why Can’t I Bring an Umbrella to the Beach?

Well, you can, if it’s of a particular dimension. If yours is 7 ½-feet in diameter, in line with, or behind, the set umbrella line, it’s alright to take it to the beach. In the summer, no other shading gadgets are allowed. 

(Except for small infant tents, no more than 4 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet.) There are other regulations for tents in the offseason, but we won’t get into that here.

Why Not Carry My Own Chairs and Umbrellas?

Why drag your nice beach chairs and umbrellas to the Grand Strand — then down to the beach? Rentals save you the aggravation, as well as wear and tear to your personal belongings.

Rent chairs and umbrellas in Myrtle Beach

Through mid-October, you can rent chairs and umbrellas from Beach Services. Their hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also have them put the chairs and umbrellas up for you. 

Rent both online, by entering your location. Questions? call Beach Services at 843-280-5684. 

Visit their website for current rates. You can save money when you rent chairs and umbrellas, too. You can also rent beach wheelchairs.


What other choices are available?

You can try these other businesses for on-beach rentals.

John’s Beach Service

They’re known for efficient, polite staff. It’s the most satisfactory way to be on the beach, in comfort and convenience. Lifeguards with this company are on top of their game. As well they should be — they’ve been at this since the early 1970s. Ask about cabana rentals from John’s Beach Service

Lack’s Beach Service

Their lifeguards are pleasant and experienced, for a great venture on the beach. It’s a snap to make a comfy place on the sand part of your everyday habit with Lack’s Beach Service. Find them in the Horry County Public Safety office inside Lacks Outdoor Furniture.

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